Tips for the Referring Colleagues

Dear Colleague,

the following pages are intended to provide information about organizational procedures in our department. In this way, we hope to simplify the co-treatment and further treatment of our common patients.

Outpatient presentation (special consultation)

  • Appointments can be made at the outpatient clinic by calling 0391/67-21412 or -21405.
  • Please bring a special referral slip from your internist (e.g. cardiologist, nephrologist), neurologist, angiologist or vascular surgeon.
  • In urgent cases, you can contact a medical colleague at any time to discuss an immediate presentation of the patient. (For telephone numbers, see right)
  • In the case of outpatient presentation, it is important that you provide us with any findings that have already been obtained. If imaging diagnostics have already been performed, we would like to ask you to provide the patient not only with the examination findings but also with the images (paper printout, film, CD).
  • We would be pleased to receive a current list of the patient's medications.
  • In case of patients who are not able to be transported or second opinions, the sole presentation of X-ray images is also possible at any time, after prior consultation by telephone.

Inpatient admission

In order that the planned therapy can be carried out without problems here is some information:

  • The patient will be informed of the admission date in an invitation via our consultation hours or by telephone.
  • If the patient is unable to attend, please cancel in good time.
  • A referral slip is required for inpatient admission.
  • We ask you to observe the administration/pausing of the following medications:
    • oral antidiabetics of the biguanide type: metformin (e.g. Siofor, Glucophage, etc.) 48 hours before the planned admission
    • oral anticoagulants (falithrom or others) and, if necessary, switch to low molecular weight heparin; medication with ASS 100mg or clopidogrel can be maintained.
  • The order will be communicated to the patient in writing.
  • Before inpatient admission, premedication is often carried out as an inpatient procedure. Depending on the planned procedure and the patient's morbidity, we require an outpatient cardiological risk assessment and clearance (e.g. current cardiac catheter findings, cardiac echo, ECG, pulmonary function test, etc.).
  • We ask you to provide us with relevant findings; in particular, in the case of recurrent surgery, with old surgery reports and doctor's letters if these were not performed in our clinic.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Your team of vascular surgery

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