Ward Description


On the day of admission, please report to our ward CHG2, level 5, at the information counter. We have already planned your stay with us and prepared the documents. Depending on the procedure, there will be different preparations for admission, so that, if necessary, your data will only be recorded electronically and a patient wristband will only be issued in our central patient admission department on the day of admission.

Please bring:

  • Referral slip (e.g. from family doctor)
  • Chip card
  • Identity card
  • Medical reports
  • List of current medication

Your Stay:


You will lie in spacious single or double rooms, equipped with your own WC and shower room, bedside table, closet and telephone with touchscreen TV/radio at the bedside. Internet use with your own PC is also available via your patient number during your stay. We will provide you with headphones to use the television or you may use your own. The telephone/television can be used by means of a purchased telephone card (plus 5 € deposit) for a fee. The radio programs are free of charge. Unfortunately, calls via the ward telephone are not possible. Cell phones are allowed on the ward. However, we ask for consideration for other patients, which may lead to restrictions in use.

Please bring:

  • Bath and hygiene items
  • Towels and soap cloths
  • Clothing items (nightwear, casual leisure wear, sturdy shoes)
  • Books, magazines, pen, reading glasses, etc.

Elective services

During your stay, you have the option of taking advantage of supplementary optional services, such as accommodation in a single room or treatment by a chief physician. If your health insurance does not cover this, you will incur additional costs. Please understand that we cannot guarantee single rooms in exceptional situations.


We kindly ask you to leave valuables, jewelry and larger amounts of money at home. We accept no liability for personal valuables and your wardrobe. In exceptional cases, it is possible to deposit valuables in the central cashier's office on weekdays during peak business hours by prior arrangement.

Clinic routine

Daily routine

The daily hospital routine usually begins at 06:00 with washing up and dressing. Around 08:00; we serve breakfast, from 12:00 lunch. At 14:30 is coffee time, dinner is served from 17:30. Mineral water, tea, cocoa, bread and broth are available upon request throughout the day. Coffee is offered until the evening. We ask for your understanding if the times change due to upcoming check-ups or surgeries. The staff nurse in charge of the room will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Doctor rounds: 

The doctor's rounds take place from 06:45 and in the afternoon. A team of physicians and nurses will visit you to discuss your further treatment and answer any questions. As a university hospital and training center, trainee doctors and nurses often take part in the rounds. Medical examinations and physiotherapy treatments are performed throughout the day.


We are pleased if your relatives contribute to your recovery through their visits, but we ask for your understanding that especially in the morning hours you or the neighboring patient have examinations that could interrupt the visit. Our night's rest begins at 8:00 pm.

Range of Services

There are various places to stay and shop on the grounds of the UKMD:

Patient garden 1 (behind Café Mobitz), Patient garden 2 (behind house 60a)

Room of Silence (House 60a) with evening devotions every Monday 5:00 p.m.

Coffee/snack bar (house 60a)

Cafeteria "Mobitz" (Behind house 1)

Store (opposite house 60a)

Flower store "Rosenstolz" (House 60a)

If you are unable to leave your room, please contact us. We will put you in touch with competent contact persons from the hospital chaplaincy or volunteer hospital helpers..


When you leave the ward, we ask that you sign out to the nursing staff and inform us of your duration and whereabouts!

Especially after surgery, your strength may not yet be fully restored in the phase of recovery.  For your safety, please keep in mind that you should not be to far from your room and the staff. 

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